The MAHOL team consists of bright, spiritual and loving people. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we always try to solve your problem as quickly and easily as possible.

Now let us briefly introduce ourselves:

Stephan Wernli, Co-Founder, Head of Design

“The creative head at the front and on social media.
I design our creative designs and am daily busy with new diverse logos. The presence on social media as well as our appearance is my specialty. But I also have other sides, besides Nico I am also a big sports fanatic.I love football and US sports, what don’t many people know about me? I eat vegan food.”

Nico Staub, Co-Founder, Technical Administrator

“I am the man for the technical functionality in the background. Whether it is optimizing the speed of the website or a new banner, I always have the answer ready.And if not? I (almost) always find a solution.
Plus a big soccer and hockey fan.”