Price Composition

Purchase price composition of a T-Shirt from MAHOL

This list shows you the exact details of the breakdown of costs. 

MAHOL shows all partial costs of an article of the Swiss fashion brand:

Labour costs: 35%

Transportation & Taxes: 12%

Factory costs: 17%.

Brand advertising: 14%

Profit & costs of retail trade: 22%

The composition of MAHOL shows:

Labor costs are high, the costs of production are also high.

We focus on product quality and the satisfaction of our employees. Together we are creating a new environmentally friendly future for a clean world.

The final price of a MAHOL T-shirt is made up of the following costs:

Organic cotton cultivation, harvest, PET recycling and further processing into yarn

Cotton must first be planted and processed. For this, huge plantations are created and harvested by hand or with the help of harvesters. For T-shirts you need about 40g of cotton. This is sorted and then processed into yarn.

Further processing of the yarn to fabric (weaving/knitting) and finishing of the fabric

This is then processed into fabric by weaving and spinning, which is then refined using a variety of techniques.

Fabrication (cutting to size, sewing of individual parts, modifications):

The finished fabrics are cut to size, sewn and modified, as by sewing in the MAHOL label.

Transport and customs duties:

Between the individual steps, the materials are often transported over long distances. Customs duties are charged for this.

Rent factory costs, wage costs and advertising:

But also rent and paint costs, wage costs of all workers involved, as well as advertising are partly passed on to the end consumer. However, the wage costs of the first stations are usually kept as low as possible, but not at MAHOL, as this right is specially protected by various labels. The largest profit margin is in the retail trade. Nearly 40% of the final price of the T-shirts is based on the profit and costs of the retail trade.

Value added tax:

The value added tax is added to the net price of the T-shirts for the end consumer.

All participants want to earn money from the production of the T-shirts. In order to keep the steadily increasing profits as high as possible during the production process, mostly the workers in the production countries suffer. They are poorly paid and work under inhumane conditions. This happens a lot, but as you can clearly see here, MAHOL’s production is and remains fair. All production employees earn considerably more than the minimum wage in the various manufacturing countries.

We set a high standard, this is the first priority fair production, fair price and fair treatment of the employees.

Our production countries:

Tops: USA, Honduras, Bangladesh, Pakistan
Bottoms: USA, Pakistan, Honduras
Backpacks, Polybags and other Accessories: USA, Pakistan, Honduras, China

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