Unfortunately, in order to deceive customers, products are faked.
Various reports have shown that much of the profits from the sale of counterfeit products are used to finance terrorism and organized crime. In addition, this is often at the expense of people, since the manufacture of counterfeit products is often done through child labor or modern slavery.

This is how fakes are recognized

Almost every week we learn about websites, social media pages that offer counterfeit MAHOL products. We understand that the differences between real and counterfeit products are not always easy to spot, especially when they are offered online. Therefore, one should be extremely careful when buying MAHOL articles from websites with high discounts.

1. Often the website contains no contact information.

2. Company name, physical or email address and phone numbers.

3. The website does not guarantee protection of your personal data and credit card information and no HTTPS version of the website. There is no small lock symbol next to the website address (URL).

4. Imitate the MAHOL website, even if the domain name has no connection to the brand.

You can find genuine MAHOL products only at

What I can do about it

If you come across an (online) seller who may be selling counterfeit MAHOL products, contact us via our customer service. Please provide as much information as possible (for example photos of the products, name and address of the seller or the website). This will help us identify the problem and track it accordingly.

Thank you for your attention and support in protecting the MAHOL KLG brand.