It all began in Switzerland

Still shy and inexperienced, MAHOL entered the market on September 5, 2018. The brand from the originally founded Gossau ZH was launched. We have always produced environmentally friendly clothing at fair prices.

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Two best friends and one idea

What required several months of reflection, creativity and passion became reality.

Nico Staub and Stephan Wernli were looking for an innovative idea to make the fashion industry more environmentally friendly without consuming valuable resources. The then 20-year-old Swiss were sceptical about the unfair treatment of employees in the industry. Many animal experiments and toxins are unfortunately not uncommon in the fashion industry.

We knew, “We have to do something about it!”

Full of energy, we mastered the challenge, but this is only the beginning of a story that continues to grow.

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Climbing the steep mountain

What began with cotton from China has now moved on to environmental friendliness. Organic cotton and recycled PET became MAHOL’s new claim.


– You save the world

– You protect thousands of litres of drinking water

– You contribute to the cleanliness of the air

Through our manufacturing processes we save CO2 every day, our mission is the environmentally friendly production of textiles. These are manufactured by our producers, from where they are shipped directly to you. The article is produced on order and saves not only on Co2 but also on money, time, work and thousands of litres of drinking water per article.

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Our process

In 2018 Stephan scribbled the logo on a sheet of paper, nobody thought at that time that it would become something.

Later we hired local and full-time designers and our MAHOL logo was born. The first collection consisted of 3D logo prints on chest height, the second collection is still going strong today. The MEDITION (abbreviation for MAHOL-Edition) is in the online shop since February 2019.

Since 2020 there are three languages on, nevertheless MAHOL sells the clothes worldwide via the website. What was created in a living room in the Zurich Oberland now reaches the masses internationally.

Through many impressions, tips and new brand ambassadors, MAHOL continues to grow steadily in the future. The brand can count on numerous Premium Club members, enthusiastic returning customers and curious fashion lovers. Since 2020 MAHOL is the new and proud main jersey sponsor of the English football club Dial Square FC.

Photo: Dial Square F.C

Our enthusiastic American customers are not missing out either. Therefore, from September 1, 2020, MAHOL will have a further contact point.

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In the heart of downtown Los Angeles, MAHOL offers a creative workplace that functions as a second company headquarters. Our staff is also available in California, on site, for your wishes and comments.

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Out Now: The environmentally friendly MAHOL collection, exclusively available in our online shop.

Environmental friendliness is our future, become part of MAHOL and let us convince you.